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Commitment To Sustainability

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Pacific Container Corp. - Sustainable Box Manufacturing and Packaging Supply Pacific Container Corp. - Sustainable Box Manufacturing and Packaging Supply

Pacific Container — Sustainability

Pacific Container is strongly committed to preserving the Earth's natural resources. We strive to maximize our use of recyclable or renewable source materials and manufacture our products using clean Pacific Container Corp. - Tacoma, WA - Packaging Designproduction practices.


We reduced kilowatt (kWh) consumption by partnering with our utility company (PSE) to reduce high bay lights with fluorescent fixtures; this represents a 20% energy reduction as it pertains to lighting. In addition, motion sensors connected to lighting are also utilized in the plant to reduce consumption.

We also invested in soft start controls on our electrical motors, which reduces peak consumption and translates to overall savings 1% – 1.5% of our energy usage.

Natural Resources

Our product (corrugated boxes) is made with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content. The finished product, depending upon the customer specification, can have a recycled content up to 65%.

Raw Materials

Our primary raw material is paper. All of our paper vendors are SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified. This initiative assures that sustainable harvesting; transporting and handling practices are used in every phase of the forestry and paper making process.

Air and Climate

Pacific Container and Commencement Bay Corrugated meet or exceed all clean air standards in the State of Washington.


We have a wastewater treatment system that treats up to 3,000 gallons of water per day. The treated Pacific Container Corp. - Tacoma, WA - Packaging Designwater is then reused in our manufacturing process.

Products and Packaging

Our product is shipped on a wooden pallet and is protected by a recyclable top and bottom corrugated sheet. All plastic strapping used in the process can be collected and sent to the supplier for recycling and reuse.


We recently built a 63,000-foot addition to our current warehouse to consolidate all of our raw material into one location. This will reduce 756 currently required truck shipments per year or 33,264 miles traveled each year.

Source Reduction

We focus our designs to provide the most efficient use of material. This reduces the pre-consumer waste, post-consumer material, and overall cost of the packaging.


All of our chemicals are internally treated by our waste water treatment facility and processed into a harmless biodegradable cake that is picked up for disposal by an outside service.

Pacific Container Corp. - Tacoma, WA - Packaging DesignWaste

We recycle approximately 750 tons per month of paper, which is returned to the paper mill where it is re-pulped and converted back into a roll of paper. Paper is comprised mostly of fiber and the fiber can be re-pulped several times before it is too small to be used in the paper making process.

Corrugated is the most recycled form of packaging today with 78.3% of all containers produced being recovered for recycling. Over 60% of the recovered corrugated is used to produce new containerboard.

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